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The houses of Ea Astei with cycling

A video in which Bingen Fernandez, director of the Cofidis cycling team, talks about his career and the "Urdaibai Bike Reserve".

Bingen Ternández is a former professional cyclist and director of the Cofidis cycling team. Together with other professionals and with the collaboration of Mertxe’s own family, the owner of the houses in Ea Astei, they filmed this video about the link between the Urdaibai reserve and the world of cycling and Bingen with Urdaibai.

Such a close relationship has led to the creation of the brand “Urdaibai Bike Reserve”, highlighting the importance and suitability of the region for cycling, whether road or mountain bike routes.

In the video Bingen tells us how his partner is Irish and works as a professional cyclist. When he got to know Euskal Herria he liked everything, from its culture to the practice of sport and decided to stay and live in our community.

Bingen started with the bike like any other kid, to move from one place to another, before starting to feel the passion for this sport.

From the Basque Country he highlights the breathtaking beauty of the landscape but, above all, the cycling culture and the respect on the roads, which is very important to be able to ride a bike on the road without the feeling of constant danger. “The more I’ve moved around in different countries in the world, when I’ve returned home it’s something I’ve really appreciated,” says Bingen. In Urdaibai there are cycling schools and it is the birthplace of great riders, such as Peio Bilbao, who is currently in the cycling elite.

From the houses of Ea Astei, as cycling enthusiasts, we want to pay a modest tribute and send a recognition to all the cyclists of Urdaibai, as well as to welcome to Urdaibai and to our lodging to the lovers of this beautiful and hard-working sport.

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