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Discovering Urdaibai: Elegance and Exclusivity with The Houses of Ea Astei and Aitor Delgado Tours

We invite the most demanding travelers to immerse themselves in the elegance and exclusivity of Urdaibai with Las Casas de Ea Astei and Aitor Delgado Tours.

In the heart of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, a hidden treasure in the Basque Country, lie The Houses of Ea Astei and Hemingway Kanala House, two gems of accommodation that promise an unforgettable stay. Here, where nature meets history and Basque culture, every detail is thoughtfully designed to offer an experience of luxury and exclusivity.

The Houses of Ea Astei

The Houses of Ea Astei, with its varied architectural designs and first-class services, stands as an emblem of sophistication atop the mountain. This haven is the ideal starting point for exploring the cultural and natural richness of the region, where every corner tells a story.

Kanala Hemigway House

Hemingway Kanala House

On the other hand, Hemingway Kanala House evokes the spirit of the illustrious writer, offering an ambiance that combines rustic elegance with modernity. Each room is a sanctuary of tranquility, designed with utmost comfort in mind, and from its windows, one can appreciate the majesty of the estuary and the green mountains that define Urdaibai.

Aitor Delgado Tours

To further enrich the experience, Aitor Delgado Tours offers the opportunity to discover Urdaibai through the eyes of a local. With personalized guided tours, Aitor Delgado, an expert in Basque culture, takes visitors on a journey through the history, gastronomy, and landscapes that make this area a unique destination.

From the left-breaking waves for surfing in Mundaka to the unique flavors of Basque cuisine, through the nooks of the estuary’s banks, Urdaibai reveals itself as a canvas of experiences to learn and enjoy. And with Aitor Delgado Tours, each activity becomes an emotional adventure, tailored to the tastes and preferences of each traveler.

At The Houses of Ea Astei and Hemingway Kanala House, combined with the exclusive tours of Aitor Delgado Tours, visitors will discover that Urdaibai is not just a destination, but a dreamlike experience. Here, where each day brings a new story, the promise is clear: a luxury getaway that will remain in memory long after returning home.

We invite the most discerning travelers to immerse themselves in the elegance and exclusivity of Urdaibai, where The Houses of Ea Astei and Hemingway Kanala House, along with Aitor Delgado Tours, become synonymous with superior quality tourism. Discover Urdaibai, stay in style, and enjoy exclusivity.

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