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Our history

From a traditional 15th century farmhouse to the excellence of extraordinary tourist accommodations.
A magnificent farmhouse, witness of 6 centuries of history of the Basque Country, is the base on which the Houseswof Ea Astei was built. Mertxe, its current owner and your perfect hostess, tells us a bit of the history of these beautiful cottages in the biosphere reserve of Urdaibai.

Mertxxe, the current owner

Ea Astei was founded at the beginning of the millennium. Mertxe and her husband rented a traditional farmhouse, adjacent to the family’s construction company, Egoin, near the village of Ea. The house dates back to the 15th century and today houses both the couple’s home and two rustic-style apartments. The current owners, present in Astei since 1974, have carried out various activities in this space, including dairy farming, in its first period, and the restoration and sale of antique furniture. Nowadays the place is destined to tourism.

A little bit of history

The origin of the Houses of Ea Astei is a baserri or typical Basque farmhouse. Once the characteristics of the oldest construction materials were analyzed, the date of construction was established at the end of the 15th century. The farmhouse appears documented for the first time in the year 1641 in the register of the Casa de Juntas of Gernika. The original construction with chestnut wood framework and enclosure of the same material as the farmhouse was replaced in the 17th century by a stone façade with a large central arch of limestone ashlars. Traditionally, the first floor of Basque farmhouses was used to house the family and animals, and the upper floor was used to store the harvest. Today Etxeaundi is the central element around which the rest of the buildings of the Ea Astei Houses are built.
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The Rural Houses of Ea Astei

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